Corso IV Novembre 9, Saluzzo (CN) - phone 392/9534314
Tax Code PCC DNL 81A17 I470E
VAT Number 03212970044


- Architectural design, and related works supervision.
- Outfitting and interior design.
- Graphics, graphic elaborations, and project renderings.
- Re-qualification works, and urban and environmental enhancement works.
- Planning and work supervision of recovery interventions on the existing buildings.
- Historical surveys and archives researches about the monumental structures.


- Design and work supervision of interventions oriented to the creation of new structures in concrete, steel, bricks and wood.
- Design and work supervision of strengthening interventions of existing structures.
- Design and work supervision of anti-seismic and geotechnical structures.
- Modeling of structures according to the finite elements method and calculation to limit states.


- Calculations for the Thermic Energy Performance Record (previous building law n°10).
- Design of thermo-hydro-sanitary installations, analysis, qualifications, and energetic certifications of buildings.
- Design of electrical and anti-intrusion systems.


The Structural Design Online Service is a service of design and structural analysis with the purpose of offering an innovative service open to all operators in the construction industry, technical studies, architecture studies, engineering studies, companies, engineers, architects, surveyors, corporations, governments and private person located throughout the country.
The Architectural and Structural Design Studio Danilo Picca Engineer Architect offers the possibility to easily and quickly find the quote required to the structural calculations and quickly have an assessment on the feasibility of an intervention or have available an accurate and comprehensive structural project based on the Technical Regulations in force in Italy.
The Structural Design Online Service can only be used via computer, as an alternative to the usual routine working, allowing the customer a considerable saving of time.

Request the free quote
It's simply sending an e-mail to containing the following data:
- data of the customer and the offer of the applicant (surname, first name, tax code and VAT number, home address, phone number and e-mail address);
- short description of the structure and location (address or geographic coordinates);
- geological data on the nature of the ground;
intended use;
- plans and sections layout(to be attached to the e-mail address);
- indication of the type of desired structure of reinforced concrete, steel, wood or masonry) and any special requirements for the structure (perforated patterns and special conditions);
- specify which type of service (select work package) you want to access, if required drawings and structural calculations signed or unsigned (any Work Management will be evaluated separately for each case).

Budget formulation
Within one working day will be formulated and sent the quote with all the details useful to understand the offer.
If the submitted data are not complete or sufficient for the formulation of the quote will be forwarded to a request for additional data.

Acceptance of the quote by the customer
The acceptance of the quote is done by sending an e-mail, to the same address, with scans of signed budget and a copy of the payment of the advance amount as indicated in the quote, with all the information necessary for billing and listed in the quote.

It's possible to communicate with the Architectural and Structural Design Studio Danilo Picca Engineer Architect, by e-mail or telephone, ensuring support throughout the design process.

Delivery of work and terms of payment
At the end of the work will be sent a job summary e-mail.
Once you have payed and provided, through e-mail, scan balance payment, the work will be delivered according to the terms agreed (paper copy or file copy) and the final bill will be issued.
If you want the project signed, all the documents will be signed and stamped by Danilo Picca Engineer Architect; if you wish, however, to receive the project unsigned, the technician who uses the professional service should have professional competence and incorporates all the entries, validating them and assuming all responsibility of law by putting his name, stamp and signature.